Project Management Office Services

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Projects and project management are at the heart of the work our clients do. And when it comes to delivering change or meeting the challenges of a constantly shifting business landscape, we have the knowledge, capability and experience to ensure your projects deliver.

Meeting the challenges of a constantly shifting business landscape


iVise’s PMO offering includes the following:

Business Case Reviews

We have considerable experience in developing, shaping and implementing business cases that are tailored to your specific needs. We ensure that the problem or opportunity is clearly defined, the key deliverables that will bring about change are identified and we also determine the potential risks and rewards to the business.

PMO Setup

An effective PMO requires the right mix of investment, expertise and commitment, but not every organisation has the necessary breadth of experience, budget or scale of operations to sustain a permanent team. That’s where iVise comes in. We offer a PMO-in-a-box solution for smaller organisations without the need to invest in PMO practices.


We believe every business can benefit from having a PMO, including:

  • greater clarity about investments
  • synergies from more effective portfolio management
  • better use of resources
  • reduced risk
  • more reliable indicators of portfolio performance and return.


What’s more, we offer unparalleled flexibility because as soon as your need for a PMO ceases, the service is frozen and the costs drop, however, it’s readily available whenever you need it.

Independent Quality Assurance

iVise will expertly assess every aspect of your project’s management to ensure success. With our fresh perspective, we will identify the challenges, issues and successes and offer pragmatic advice to mitigate any risks.


Every organisation has limited numbers of high-value change practitioners. iVise can ensure yours are deployed to maximum effect or we can fill in any gaps with our comprehensive team of skilled personnel.

Governance and Controls

Having effective governance arrangements and control mechanisms in place is an essential part of effective project management. If you are missing some key templates or components – whether it be in relation to processes, procedures or integrations – we can help you develop the necessary governance and controls so your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Do you want to deliver change to your business?