Data Science

 iVise: flexible, agile technology consultancy services, tailored to your business needs

At iVise, we turn data into insights and so help you make more effective business decisions. The iVise Team can design, improve and implement data management and data modelling so that you make better informed business decisions.

Design, improve and implement data management for better informed business decisions


iVise’s big data and analytics offering includes the following:

data analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our analysts take the time to fully understand your business, its data and the technology used to store and analyse that data. iVise works with you to understand what business questions can be answered using your data and how to reveal the answers with the appropriate analytical and technical tools.

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Data Warehousing and Data Marts

iVise has a proven track record in managing business data, data migration, data integration and data warehousing. We help you design and implement sophisticated or simple data warehouse systems.

data analytics

Data Visualisation and Reporting

We can turn raw data into visual presentations of key findings and actionable insights. Well-designed data visualisation helps you view and directly interact with large amounts of data. It will also enable you to see emerging trends as well as planning better for the future.

data analytics

Agile Insights

Have a data problem in your business? iVise’s Agile Insights will find the solution. It’s an incremental process that involves us proposing a hypothesis using an advanced analytics methodology and then executing small experiments to either prove or disprove the hypothesis. Using Agile Insights means that executives can have greater confidence that the right decisions are being made.

If you want to turn data into insight for your business…