iVise provides innovative and smart solutions to New Zealand corporate and government clients. We are leaders in unlocking your Information assets and removing the constraints of your Technology.

We value people and will work with you to drive the right outcome. We believe that Technology shouldn’t be limiting your success and we are passionate about releasing the full potential your information has to offer you - giving you the insights you’ve always dreamed of to make those savvy business decisions necessary to forge ahead of the competition.

We are set apart from our competitors by our unerring ability to drive results at a pace you wouldn’t believe possible. 

We cut through noise, and deliver straight-up solutions of true business value. Take a look at what we can offer you below and then let’s start talking.

Our Core Service Offerings

agile analytics

IT Resourcing Services

The business landscape is constantly changing with new challenges and imperatives. And so we provide flexible IT resourcing services that are closely aligned to your business requirements. iVise can deliver everything from individual project resources to fully outsourced PMOs.

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Project Management Office Services

Projects and project management are at the heart of the work our clients do. And when it comes to delivering change or meeting the challenges of a constantly shifting business landscape, we have the knowledge, capability and experience to ensure your projects deliver.

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Management Consulting Services

iVise’s management consulting services help you develop an overall vision and detailed IT strategy as well as a roadmap of how to get there. Working closely with you, we’ll help you to clearly define your vision and transform it into a set of structured, actionable and strategically relevant tasks.

agile analytics

Big Data and Analytics

At iVise, we turn data into insights and so help you make more effective business decisions. The iVise Team can design, improve and implement data management and data modelling so that you make better informed business decisions.

agile analytics

Agile Analytics

iVise delivers results using Agile analytics. We believe in delivering business results quickly. Everyone will tell you that the business requirements for operational reporting and general BI data warehouses need to be gathered carefully and the results measured against the business’ needs, and we concur.  This allows the business to course correct and incorporate learnings and continue to release value consecutively.

The iVise Difference is in our unerring ability to drive results at a pace you wouldn’t believe possible.