iVise provides innovative and smart solutions to New Zealand corporate and government clients. We are leaders in unlocking your Information assets and removing the constraints of your Technology.

We value people and will work with you to drive the right outcome. We believe that Technology shouldn’t be limiting your success and we are passionate about releasing the full potential your information has to offer you - giving you the insights you’ve always dreamed of to make those savvy business decisions necessary to forge ahead of the competition.

We are set apart from our competitors by our unerring ability to drive results at a pace you wouldn’t believe possible. 

We cut through noise, and deliver straight-up solutions of true business value. Take a look at what we can offer you below and then let’s start talking.

Our Core Service Offerings

Project & Programme Management

This is obviously the foundation of our ability to deliver customer value. The more we own the outcome the greater our ability to ensure satisfaction. That said, we know that your trust will take time and proof, so we are happy to start anywhere or with a small part. We will help you qualify your ideas, come up with creative solutions in order to measure the business case, set the expectations with the business and then ensure they are delivered on time, to budget and to the service level expected.

PMO: Portfolio Delivery & Governance

Every now and then something big comes along. Something bigger than your day-to-day business is comfortable in handling. The sheer magnitude of the undertaking, the complexity and/or the risk of getting it wrong can be daunting – and you probably need help. We can offer you immediate respite in the form of a team of experienced PMO professionals who can step in and provide you with the interim capability required to deliver the change you require. With experience of multi-billion dollar programmes at a global scale we can offer you affordable, trusted and dependable services – leaving you to run your business whilst remaining confident, informed and in control.


Taking risks is a necessary aspect of any business that needs to remain successful or stay ahead of the competition. Sometimes, this requires fresh thinking and dealing with the new or uncharted. It’s hard to remain confident about things we don’t fully understand or where we don’t have the experience to be certain we’re taking the right approach. Sometimes we only get one chance at getting it right. This is where we can help. We’re trusted and respected leaders in many emergent technologies; in complex delivery and dealing with change. We can provide you with affordable Assurance services that will give you the confidence to make those necessary competitive decisions.

Organisational Change & Transformation

If you’re dissatisfied with how things currently work; you don’t yet have those “magical customer experiences” you badly need; or perhaps you’re tired of seeing how l-o-n-g it takes to get anything done – then we can help you. We have unrivalled experience in making change happen – and happen quick. Be it process-redesign; new operating models; organisational restructures or simply designing and transforming a new or existing business – we have solutions that will take your pain away.

Resources & Talent

We know a lot about building teams and the effectiveness of good people. Sometimes all you need is a little helping hand. We can provide you with, or help you find, the specific resources you need to complete your initiatives. All iVise resources come with our "satisfaction guarantee”.

Software & App Development or Integration

Often the operational process changes that go along with new insights and new markets require new systems. We'll help you build those. Our software development methodology relies on multiple, rapid prototyping cycles. In fact, we always only half jokingly say, you'll get to use the application, before we build it. Another key part of the success of our methodology lies in understanding the real business needs, so that we don't end up coding the current business "workarounds" into system, just because they were part of the specification.

Hardware & Software Supply

iVise supplies the majority of industry standard IT products. While we are more than willing to set up supplier agreements with agreed discounts and margins for commodity products, we feel no matter what you paid, if it is the wrong product or solution for your business, you paid too much. iVise specialises in supplier arrangements that focus on delivering business value. We help you get the power of negotiation back in your hands, not the vendors'.


Ongoing support services are available via vendor or custom Service Level Agreements (SLA). We will work with your team to ensure the training, documentation, human resources, tools and support processes are in place to provide the system and application service level that your organisation expects.

The iVise Difference is in our unerring ability to drive results at a pace you wouldn’t believe possible.