Discover the benefits iVise Solutions provide to our customers, in their own words.

An impressive team at iVise listened to the issues, understood the brief and developed effective and user friendly solutions. I highly recommend iVise if you want someone who understands commercial issues and are able to deliver effective solutions.

I can give iVise an unformed outcome expectation and have confidence that they will help to give it shape, qualify it and then stay on it until it is delivered.  It enables me to extend my capability and that of my department on a project by project basis, without taking on more overhead.

I can testify to the consistent delivery of business value for the customer as the primary focus in their customer engagements.

The two things I value most about iVise are that they provide me with sound input on how technology decisions affect the business and also, if I give them a project, no matter how complex, I don't need to worry about it.

I can ask them any technology related question, small or large and they respond promptly with feedback that is relevant to my business. It helps me to rapidly progress my thinking, initiatives or challenges.

Within a few minutes of listening to what the application represented my attention was secured. It seemed evident that this was something Hawkins Group could hugely benefit from. Our experience since then confirmed my initial impression, and Hawkins has within a few weeks identified significant savings to its telecommunications spend. This application is a no-brainer, and one that I have no trouble in recommending.

Although we put forward a solid business case for Telco Expense Manager and expected good results, we were pleasantly surprised to realise double the value we forecast from the application.  What was impressive was that this occurred  in the first month of implementation - and there is still more value left to explore.  Our only disappointment is that we didn't implement this earlier.

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