• Damage to our reputation if a complaint is made or something to boast about if a client wishes to make a commendation about the service we provide.


  • In both cases we aim to learn from the good and bad things we do and also of our partners and to look for improvements we can adopt to our service to our clients.


  • Tell us what you liked, or didn’t like about the service you received, did you feel safe or otherwise, was it what you expected etc.


Often the quickest and most satisfactory way of dealing with a complaint is for our client to deal directly with our staff at the time they feel upset. They will deal with your issue in a friendly and open way. This gives our staff the opportunity to discuss the matter at the time and come to a quick resolution. It also enables both parties to understand the issues and assists in ensuring that mistakes are not repeated. We urge you to make your complaint before you leave for home on the day at which it happened.

Sometimes it is not possible to discuss an issue at the time it is happening and we understand this so a complaint can be made over the phone, by email or in a letter. We will acknowledge your letter or email within five working days of receipt and a phone call at the time of calling. Our aim is to answer your complaint within ten (10) working days of receiving it. We will start an investigation if one is needed, and decide how much, if any, additional time is required to resolve the complaint but we will keep you informed of what is happening as soon as we can.

We will immediately inform you of the action taken, and the expected time before resolution.


Just as we recognise that complaints can arise, we also acknowledge and realise that there are occasions when staff go above and beyond the call of duty. If you would like to commend one of our staff or our performance for whatever reason please speak with our staff immediately or as above you may write or email if time does not allow.

If you contact us please tell us what happened, when it happened and what you think we should do about it.

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