Leveraging Systems and Technology

We have significant experience with a wide range of the common technologies you would expect to see in medium and large enterprises (Infrastructure, IP Convergence, Power, Telco, Line of Business, Payments etc.), but in addition to experience, we believe mastery can be accelerated with the right approach. Please refer to our Approach and Design Methodology. Every customer’s specific mix of technologies is different and the complexities arise from the intermix of those technologies, as well as the specific human resources and processes available to the organisation. That is why we believe our approach makes all the difference, just ask one of our references.

Our service will comprise one or more of the following elements:

  • Programme Management: This is obviously the foundation of our ability to deliver customer value. The more we own the outcome the greater our ability to ensure satisfaction. That said, we know that your trust will take time and proof, so we are happy to start anywhere or with a small part. We will help you qualify your ideas, come up with creative solutions in order to measure the business case, set the expectations with the business and then ensure they are delivered on time, to budget and to the service level expected
  • Design: We generally provide an hour to a day’s worth of free presales assistance to understand the requirements, challenges and opportunity and can then provide formal chargeable design services on an hourly or fixed price basis or conceptual, budgetary designs and estimates as part of the presales process
  • Supply: iVise supplies the majority of industry standard IT products. While we are more than willing to set up supplier agreements with agreed discounts and margins for commodity products, we feel no matter what you paid, if it is the wrong product or solution for your business, you paid too much. iVise specialises in supplier arrangements that focuses on delivering business value. We help you get the power of negotiating back in your hands, not the vendors’
  • Implementation: We can provide turnkey installation services or assist your internal team with the implementation of any of the technologies we supply. Implementation is usually at a fixed price and with an associated Statement of Work
  • Support: Ongoing support services are available via vendor or custom Service Level Agreements (SLA). We will work with your team to ensure the training, documentation, human resources, tools and support processes are in place to provide the application service level that your organisation expects
  • People: We can provide you with or help you find the specific Project Resources you need to complete your initiatives. All iVise resources come with our "satisfaction guarantee"
  • Process change and learning: Complex endemic problems often have simple solutions. iVise also helps its customers improve the decision and support processes that drive the business results. Service level improvements, cost reduction or timeliness can usually be effected by a different approach. We provide the consulting and training services that deliver operational staff with the decision frameworks and learning artifacts necessary for the breakthrough productivity improvements you know are possible

Approach and Design Methodology