leveraging information

Information is your biggest asset when it comes to constantly improving your business. Organisations have for the last decade been building large data warehouses in an attempt to improve the level of information, however a large portion of these have not realised the value they expected. A common reason for that is they try and deliver too much in one project.

While it would be ideal from an information only perspective to implement all the subject areas of your business into one massive enterprise warehouse, it is actually very difficult in practice.

The main difficulty arises from the time required to design, build and implement a project of this scale. We have found it is far more effective to reduce the size of the project and roll out smaller, more agile projects that will be used immediately by the business. In this way the learning from each smaller deliverable can be used to improve the development and delivery of the next subject area.

Our services areas that leverage your information to provide business and market insight are:

  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: We will help you identify the key reports you really need, make those accessible to your key decision makers and empower your analysts to get answers to their questions themselves. Data Warehouses should follow on the needs of the business, be accessible to the analysts and prioritised according to the value they help to create
  • Predictive Analytics: iVise can bring the specialists into the conversation that will help you model those "what if we...?" questions you have been wishing you could get plausible answers to, as well as short cycle the implementation so that you can qualify and evolve your understanding and implementation according to the diminishing risk and growing surety
  • The Internet of Things: If the information you need is not already accessible, we could always help you implement the end point connections, measurements and controls and thereby visibility that will step change your business. We help you identify these possible leverage points and build the end to end IP management solutions - wherever they are required
  • Integration and Middleware: In order for information to be available it often has to flow between systems. Integration and middleware is bread and butter for us. Many software houses find it "not worth the effort", because it is "too expensive to be worth the trouble". We think the opportunity cost, makes it too expensive not to
  • Software Development: Often the operational process changes that go along with new insights and new markets require new systems. We'll help you build those. Our software development methodology relies on multiple, rapid prototyping cycles. In fact, we always only half jokingly say, you'll get to use the application, before we build it. Another key part of the success of our methodology lies in understanding the real business needs, so that we don't end up coding the current business "workarounds" into system, just because they were part of the specification

Dealing with new information-led initiatives