Agile Analytics


Agile Approach

iVise delivers results using Agile analytics. We believe in delivering business results quickly. Everyone will tell you that the business requirements for operational reporting and general BI data warehouses need to be gathered carefully and the results measured against the business’ needs, and we concur.  This allows the business to course correct and incorporate learnings and continue to release value consecutively.

agile analytics

Rapid agile self-service analytics tools mean that predictive analytics is no longer the mystical beast it used to be, nor does it require you to personally wield the wizardry of R. The common predictive models have already been encoded as GUI objects that can be tweaked using variables.

The Agile Process

Emerging agile analytics tools can further accelerate learning and business needs alignment by prototyping data in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of designing and building a warehouse. The proven state can then be built for operational use with standard ETL and BI tools.  However, in some instances it will deliver enough value in the first agile project that it will spawn a completely different project that is more targeted at the real needs.  In some instances a data initiative can be killed early as the expected insight was not realised.

agile analytics

iVise is constantly finding that new questions will lead to new answers, answers that could make a big difference to the business.  For more information, Please download our Agile analytics brochure or get in touch with us. 

For more information, please contact us or downloadour Agile Analytics brochure